Vaughn Spann

Vaughn Spann (b. 1992, Florida, USA) constantly oscillates between abstraction and figuration in his body of works. Though entranced with the principles of formalism -- of its clear-cut lines, shapes, and color, a human presence overtakes the formal gestures of his works which seem to “elicit tension” between the formal and the abstract. Spann’s works unearth stories of his encounters with various people and places and express them symbolically, while digging deeper into the histories of art, activism, and the continuous discourse of social practice. Spann continues to experiment with various materials and means of expression to further expand on his narratives. His work is represented within various public and private institutions which include the Hirshhorn Museum, ICA Miami, NCMA, Montclair Art Museum, Perez Museum of Art, High Museum, UBS Art Collection, Rubell Family Collection amongst others.

Big Pink (Black Rainbow)
Polymer paint and terry cloth on canvas
203.2 x 213 x 4 cm / 80 x 84 in

Beloved Blis (Big Black Rainbow)
203.2 x 213 cm / 80 x 84 in

Sounthern Lily (Marked Man)
Mixed media on wood panel
152.4 x 121.9 cm / 60 x 48 in