The Rondalla in Music Competitions and Philippine Media

One of the most important events that shaped the rondalla today were the competitions as it brought popularity and public patronage. 

In the 1960s,Hamon sa Kampeon was broadcasted on television and radio (Channel 3 and DZAQ) and  hosted by Dely Magpayo and Pepe Pimentel. Dominic Salustiano became a regular juror in the competition, and many of his compositions were played in the competition including Overture No.1, Serenata, Pizzicato, Maligaya and the Pasa Doble Series.

Dely Magpayo and Pepe Pimentel hosting the competition Hamon ng Kampeon in the 1960’s

In 1967, the Manila Times sponsored the National Symphonic Rondalla Composition Contest where Jerry Dadap’s work Philippine Symphonic Medley for Rondallan won the prize.

In 1970, Felipe Padilla de Leon organized the Taliba National Rondalla Contest, where the Pio del Pilar High School Rondalla from Makati won the prize. The composition of Capt. Fulgencio Gragera also won first prize. In 1982-83, Barangayan, a television show sponsored by the Ministry of Human Settlements and hosted by Helen Vela and Booby Gonzales, featured rondalla and solo instrument competitions won by the Parañaque District III Rondalla and Elaine Juliet Espejo.