The MET and the BSP

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is located at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP, or the Central Bank of the Philippines) Complex. The museum works closely with the BSP in implementing its programs and realizing its vision of Art for All through the continuous integration of pieces from the rich collection of the BSP and making these more accessible to the public. Since 2012, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in partnership with the BSP has re-focused and moved forward with a more cohesive and strengthened direction in positioning the museum as the home of contemporary art by Filipino and international artists. The collaboration between the two institutions seeks to amplify the Filipinos’ sense of artistic and cultural heritage from the past, to the present and beyond, in contemporary global contexts and experiences, through a diverse range of contemporary art exhibitions and programs that reflect the thriving borderless multi-dimensional environments of scholarship, artistic expression and the world we live in.

Programs with the BSP

The MET develops exhibitions that feature selections from the BSP Art Collection. These exhibitions broaden the educational, cultural and aesthetic values of the collection by presenting them in specific curatorial contexts. These exhibitions are commonly presented at the Galeriya Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP Gallery), the exhibition space primarily dedicated to the BSP Art Collection.

Apart from curating exhibitions exclusively from the BSP Art Collection, the MET sees to it that BSP artworks are included in the permanent and temporary exhibitions it presents throughout the year. BSP artworks are featured in locally developed exhibitions, traveling exhibitions mounted in venues outside the museum, and foreign exhibitions brought by the museum’s various foreign cultural partners.