Patrick Alston

Rumors of War

Acrylic, enamel, gouache, oil, oil stick and spray paint on sewn fabric
106.7 x 106.7 cm / 42 x 42 in

Patrick Alston (b. 1991, Bronx, New York) is a contemporary painter known for his signature materiality and use of gestural marks to create dynamic and colorful abstractions. His work is reflective of socio-political conditions, identity, language, and the psychology of color. He employs varied materials including oil, acrylic and spray paint, resin, fabric and plastic on canvas while his technique forms an intersection of various layers with different textures which inform tension and balance in his work, often in the form of grids and squares. Alston utilizes abstraction to “express emotions and feelings inexpressible by forms or iconography,” and his recontextualized subjects, rich and complex compositions are expressed through gestural mark making and the combination of various materials. Patrick Alston has had various solo and group exhibitions throughout the US, and debuted with Bode Projects in various shows in Berlin, DE.