KUWERDAS: Philippine Rondalla Cultures

The rondalla as a musical tradition in the Philippines is a story of a vibrant artistic production in various contexts and societal changes. Kuwerdas: Philippine Rondalla Music Cultures explores the historical and cultural intersection of plucked string music in the Philippines, and how communities have transformed rondalla music as an embodied platform of creativity and anchored vision of Philippine cultural expressions.

The exhibit offers a glimpse into the sites of engagements that rondalla music is created and produced, constructing a musical soundscape in the Philippines wherein cultural traditions, aesthetic sensibilities and identity constructions become grounded in community and collective experiences.

In celebration of National Heritage Month, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in partnership with Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc., together with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and Security Bank Corporation are presenting a preview of this forthcoming exhibition about rondalla music heritage.