Kehinde Wiley

Louis XVI, The Sun King

Cast marble dust, resin
24 x 22 x 13 cm

Kim Dacres (b. 1986, Bronx, New York) is a Bronx-based artist and sculptor of Jamaican descent who uses found tires and rubber to create sculptures celebrating influential forces in her life such as family, community, musicians, athletes, and ideas. Dacres is attracted to discarded rubber because of the color, smell, and the material’s symbolism, imbued with a wealth of experience paired with wear, tear, and sudden disregard.

Through the process of layering the materials, the rubber's journeying experience transforms into muscle, bone, skin, hair, and personal style. Her work considers the texture of experiences unique to Black People and women and the fragments of their experiences that shape a worldview. All of Kim's works are hand-made using recycled tires and rubber.