Izere Antoine

Hello Queen

Acrylic on canvas
96.52 x 121.92 cm / 38 x 48 in

Izere Antoine de Padoue (b. 1996 Rushoga/ DRC) is a Rwanda-based impasto painter. He graduated in sculpture and ceramics and is currently working with Mitochondria Gallery. From a young age Izere drew and loved art, although he didn’t know he could pursue it as a career. He is passionate about exploring the many ways in which art is part of our life, in the same way we need different things such as food, medical care, traveling and more to live. His wish is that everyone can enjoy the art from different artists all over the world, that we (the audience) can explore art the same way we explore life, as they are intertwined. His art depicts situations of social life, emotions and feelings. He has trained with various organizations - Save the Children, Imbuto Foundation and Africa Digital Media Academy (ADMA) - in animation, illustration, curatorship as well as in business and digital marketing. He has exhibited widely, mostly in Rwanda, the Great Lakes countries of Africa, and Houston, Texas (USA).