In Full View: Metropolitan Museum of Manila Collection

29 January to 15 March 2021

In Full View: The Metropolitan Museum of Manila Collection 

Since 1986, the heart of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila has been expressed through its core philosophy, “Art for All.” This credo refers to the museum’s longstanding characteristic of fostering exchange with and between artists, communities, and other institutions, continuously carried through the museum’s programs and exhibitions that interpret and consider the Philippine context and experience. This is most reflected through the museum’s collection, which began to take form in 1995 through donations of artists, their families, and private collectors. It was the first time in 20 years that the Museum held its own permanent collection of Philippine art, many of which are contemporary works from that period in the 1990s. Through its art collection, the museum invigorated mutual connections with Philippine artists and the community, building a collective effort concerned with national heritage and art education, with unified different themes and issues, from a diversity of artistic approaches, visual commentaries on social and political issues, and local identity. Acquisitions in the 2010s reveal ventures to bolster and close critical gaps in the collection, emphasizing contemporary approaches to painting, photography, and video. The impetus of this initiative is to reaffirm its philosophy, and reorient museum audiences through the histories and current trajectories of Philippine modern and contemporary art. The exhibition In Full View seeks to further expand the museum’s presence and sense of place among its audience, through the lens of its art collections that speak of stories about its education programs, strong linkages with schools and other institutions, and engagements with artists through exhibitions and workshops. The connection between the community and the MET is intimate, reciprocal, enduring throughout the years.