David "Mr. Starcity" White

Draped in Color

Mixed velvet textiles, cotton trim
132 x 152 cm / 52 x 60 in

Artist David White (b. 1979, Brooklyn, New York) popularly known as Mr. StarCity, is mainly recognized for his playful storytelling and abstraction of both real and imagined subjects manifested in a broad and diverse range of media such as painting, sculpture, music, poetry, photography, film, performance, and installation art. His works draw from real-life experiences, building on human interactions and how it influences identity, emotions, and mental well-being, and how art, in return, can potentially affect the community. As a self-taught artist, he works unbound and unrestricted, with his works emerging from spontaneous and experimental productions using any material available at hand to “embody an otherworldly synthesis of the beauty, passion, and conflict that define the human condition.” Though mainly based in New York and Los Angeles, his works have been showcased in various group and solo exhibitions around renowned international galleries.