Poklong Anading

Fallen Maps | Bandilang Basahan | As above so below (no.2)

Poklong Anading (b. 1975) delves into installations using various media such as painting, sculpture, video, and photography. A keen observer and explorer of a mutating ecology, his practice is marked with an investigative character and an interactive approach. He has participated extensively in various local and international exhibitions including the Venice Architecture Biennale and the Gwangju Biennale.

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  • In his works here, Anading collected the seeming detritus of his urban neighborhood, making use of rubble from sewage and road works as well as recovered rags made of waste fabric from textile industries. The installation, composed of three individual works, examines the uneven conditions of the urban lifeworld and the creative instincts of its inhabitants.

  • Fallen Maps


  • Bandilang Basahan

    Video installation, single channel video, edition of 3, found rags, net, hooks, fastener, and aluminum
    2016 - 2017

  • As above, so below (no.2)

    Oil on canvas, wood panel, wall mount stainless steel and found rags
    2009 - 2017