Lirio Salvador

Sandata Series

Sound assemblage, stainless steel

Lirio Salvador (b. 1968) is a visual and sound artist who explores the visual, auditory, and tactile intersections of art and music. He appropriates everyday and industrial materials such as bicycle gears, stainless steel pipes, bowls, and utensils to create experimental instruments known as Sandata (weapon), a series of sculptural assemblages.

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  • He founded the ethno-industrial band and multi-disciplinary art collective, Elemento, which specializes in experimental sound composition. Their performances, which are central to Salvador’s musical and artistic expression, play with the complexity of raw noises produced by his works.

    Listen to Makina Organika, an album produced by the artist in 2002, through this Spotify playlist.

  • Untitled 2011, Triangulo 2011, Sandata ni Lirio 3 2010

  • Sandata ng Espasyo 1, Sandata ng Espasyo 3, Untitled 2011, Sandata A4 2008, Sandata ni Lirio 6 Undated

  • Sandatani Lirio 2 2010, Untitled 2004