Alteronce Gumby

Searching for Kirchner

Glass on panel
183 x 183 cm / 72 x 72 in

Alteronce Gumby (b. 1985, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) is a contemporary abstract artist known for his vivid interstellar paintings that emerge from his profound fascination with the cosmos and theories of energy. The physical and aesthetic properties of material, as well as its conceptual implication inform Gumby’s practice, as he creates large-scale, abstract paintings which revel in light and color further enhanced by pieces of tempered glass and gemstones. Gumby is fascinated with the human inclination to assign meaning to different colors. His compositions evoke the infinite landscape of the cosmos, but they are also connected to themes like race, identity, and history. Gumby’s canvases are typically square-shaped or made from conjoined rectangles, with colors and depths that shift depending on one’s viewing angle. An MFA graduate of the Yale School of Art, Gumby has had solo shows at False Flag and Charles Moffett Gallery.