Coalescences: 60 Years of Hau Chiok

Tall Galleries

Nov 15, 2018 – Jan 2019

COALESCENCES: 60 Years of Hau Chiok celebrates Hau Chiok’s creative presence as a leading artist and teacher of Chinese painting in the Philippines. This exhibition explores the painter’s expansive journey of his life and body of work through the idea of ‘coalescences’, merging the nuances of the old and the new, the East and the West, the traditional and the contemporary.

Sa Dagat at Bundok

Basement Gallery

Nov 10, 2018 – Feb 2019

Wynn Wynn Ong’s Sa Dagat at Bundok collection is a tribute to the diversity of the Philippines – from endangered species of flora and fauna as well as newfound species – and spans across the highlands, midlands, and coastal areas of the archipelago.

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